The software prompts you to change password frequently. When you logged in go General Services tab and click change password. type your new password twice, your password will be updated. If you have your own password other than 123456 and you get a message Invalid User ID/Password, type 123456 and your site will be opened. If the problem still persists, contact the Computer Personnel at the District Treasury and they will tell you the password. It is not advisable to have the general password which is 123456.

I have come across many people complaining that they are not in a position to prepare bill for the first and they say that they see message TBR Number Generated. If you get a such problem, what you have to do is just prepare bill for the previous two months and submit them. Don't go for accuracy, just submit the bills for the previous months and get a TBR Number. You are not going to submit them at the treasury, the purpose is prepare bill for the current month. You won't get such a message.