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Here is the summary of PRC 2009 recommendations submitted by the Pay Revision Commissioner to the Government today.

FITMENT: 27% w.e.f.1.7.2008
SGT MASTER SCALE:10900-31550
HEAD MASTER:18030-43630
Master Scale:



Some important points of PRC Recommedations

  • Fitment 27%
  • Minimum Pay Rs.6700/- Maximum Rs.55660/-
  • Implementation from 1.7.2008. DA 42.39%(1.7.2008) will be merged
  • No change in HRA
  • CC allowance increased to 75%. 
  • Automatic Advancement Scheme 8-16-24
  • Maternity Leave enhanced from 120 days to 180 days
  • Rs.200/- for medical expenses to pensioners per month
  • Funeral Expenses enhanced from Rs.5000/- to Rs. 10000/-
  • Fees concession increased from Rs.400/- to Rs.1000/- per one children
  • Gratuity limit enhanced from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs
  • DA and HRA admissible for 6 months on half pay leave(Previously it was 4 months only)
  • Apprentice period considered for eligible service to Pension


A number of individuals as also Teachers Associations Emphasized the need to improve the pay scales of school teachers. Stressing the crucial role of the teacher in the society, the representations emphasized the need for improving the emoluments and service conditions of teachers by improving the scale and sanction of special pays. The representatives of the teachers association also compared the teachers’ emoluments in our state on the one hand with teachers in other States and on the other with the teachers belonging to the Central Government. Bringing about the disparity in the pay scales a forceful plea has been made out for improving the pay scales of teachers. The following are the other requests made on behalf of the Teachers Associations.
The master scales suggested should be as follows:
1.Rs.8120-76130, Rs.8900-77040, Rs.5775-46245, Rs.7800-
62290, Rs.8180-76830, Rs.7800-75200, Rs.8200-76000.
2. Sanction of fitment at 56%, 89%, 40%, 35%, 30%, 60%, 70%
and 61%.
3. The revised pay scale should be implemented with effect from
4. Sanction of full DA and HRA during Half Pay Leave.
5. Protection of normal increment while fixing pay in the proposed
new scales.
6. Preponement of increment of seniors on par with junior.
7. Modification in the periodicity of the Automatic Advancement
Scheme namely 5,10,15,20/6,12,18,24/7,14,21.
8. Counting of Apprenticeship service for the purpose of AAS.
9. Sanction of transport allowance in place of the existing city
compensatory allowance.
10. Removal of ceiling of HRA.
11. Revision of HRA,CCA, TA, TTA, FTA and Uniform
12. Modification of LTC.
13. Enhancement of limit and enhancement the reimbursement of
medical expenses to Rs.2,50,000 and Rs.3,00,000.
14.Extension of the facility of Medical re-imbursement to teachers
of aided schools as also retires teachers of municipal and aided
15. Sanction of special pays to various categories of Teachers.
16. Common pay scale to Language Pandits Grade-II and Grade-I.
17. Enhancement of Reader Allowance.
18. Sanction of Study and Paternity leave.
19. Sanction of Agency and Rural Allowance
20. Sanction of Family Planning Incentive increments.
21. Sanction of Advance Increments for possessing qualifications of
M.Phil and Ph.D.
22. Creation of the post of Head Master for Primary and Upper
Primary schools.
23. Appointment of fully qualified candidates, instead of Vidya
Volunteers and apprenticeship Teachers.
24. Revision of service weightage to 5 years.
25. Introduction of Medical Health Card System.

As regards pension and pensionary benefits the following
requests have been made.
26. Review of pension structure and enhancement of retirement
gratuity to Rs.10 lakhs / 5 lakhs / 7 lakhs.
27. Restoration of commuted portion of pension after 12 years.
28. Permitting voluntary retirement after 15 years of service instead
of 20 years as of now.
29. Sanction of Medical Allowance of Rs.1000/- p.m. and Rs.1500/-
p.m. to the all pensioners.
30. Sanction of additional 5% pension to those who have crossed 70
31. Enhancement at the age of retirement to 60 years.
32. Enhancement of Financial Assistance, funeral charges etc.
Secondary Grade Teacher : Rs.5470-12385
It has been stated that the Secondary Grade Teachers have been deprived of the advantage of two increments in the earlier fixations on account of their pay being fixed with the minimum of the scale instead of one stage above the minimum in the revised pay scales. Stating this, a number of Teachers Associations requested for assigning the various pay scales for the category at Rs.12550-28370, Rs.15610-36800,Rs.9900-21550, Rs.11660-38450, Rs.8225-19615, Rs.12180-31500, Rs.12100-32440.
The other requests are the following:
1. Introduction one more stage under Automatic Advancement
Scheme and assigning special Grades of SPP-I and SPP-II
without insisting on the required qualifications.
2. Sanction of Special pay to those handling higher classes.
3. Rectification of anomalies in fixing pay scale of Secondary
Grade Teachers on account of revision in 1999 and 2005.
According to A.P. School Education Subordinate Service Rules issued in G.O.Ms.No.538, Education dated 20-11-1998, appointment to this post is
by direct recruitment and also by transfer from other categories in Class-III of the Education Sub-ordinate Service Rules. The minimum qualification
prescribed is a pass in Intermediate and Teachers Training Certificate ssued by the Commissioner for Govt. Examinations or its equivalent. This categoryforms feeder category to the post of School Assistant.This category has represented to the earlier PRCs seeking parity with Senior Assistant, Librarians of Junior Colleges and Librarian (SCERT). The
same has not been accepted. The following pay scales have been assigned to the categories of S.G.B. Teachers, School Assistant, Senior Assistant,Librarians of Junior Colleges and Librarian (SCERT) in successive PRCs.
The overall approach to the improvement of the scales of the teachers
has been discussed in detail elsewhere in the report. The Commission is
unable to agree for pay scales on par with teachers of Central Government.
The relative parities between the scales of Central Government and State
Government employees have been discussed elsewhere in the report (Volume-I). The Commission considers that the pay scale of Secondary Grade Teacher is to be improved and accordingly assigns the scale of Rs.10900-31550 (Rs.6195-14175) an improvement by two stages.The other requests relating to introduction of one more stage has been taken note of and is being addressed in the Automatic Advancement Scheme encompassing all cadres of Government employees.
Language Pandit Grade-II : Rs.5470-12385
It is stated that the Language Pandit Grade-II was in a higher scale as
compared to Secondary Grade Teacher upto 1978 revision. In the wake of
introduction of regrouped pay scales in 1982, he was given a pay scale on par  with Secondary Grade Teachers. Hence the request now is for higher pay scale than Secondary Grade Teachers.Another request is for introduction of the proposed pay scales of Rs.12550-28370, Rs.15610-36800, Rs.9900-21550, Rs.11660-38450, Rs.8225-19615, Rs.12180-31500, Rs.12100 -32440.The third request is for sanction of SPP-II scale without insisting on
prescribed qualifications.According to A.P. School Education Subordinate Service Rules G.O.Ms.No.538, Education, dated 20-11-1998, appointment of Language Pandit Gr-II is by direct recruitment or by transfer from other categories of Class- III employees of State Government. The qualifications prescribed for both the methods are Oriental title with Pandit training in the relevant language. The rules also stipulate that candidates with B.A. in the relevant language as one the optional subjects and Pandit training or its equivalent or B.Ed., could also be appointed.This category has represented to the earlier PRCs seeking parity with Senior Assistant, Librarian of Junior Colleges and Librarian (SCERT). The same has not been accepted. The following pay scales have been assigned tothe S.G.B. Teachers, School Assistant, Senior Assistant, Librarian of Junior Colleges and Librarian (SCERT) in successive PRCs.
The request of Language Pandit Grade-II for parity with Language
Pandits Grade-I has not been accepted by the PRC 2005 as qualifications
cannot be the sole basis for determining the pay scales. One is a feeder
category to the other. The Language Pandits Grade-II has parity with SGB
Teachers in successive PRCs.
The commission recommends the pay scale of Rs.10900-31550
(Rs.6195-14175) for the category of Language Pandit Grade-II. This is an
improvement of two stages.
Language Pandit Grade-I : Rs.7200-16925
The request on be half of Language Pandit Grade-I, is for a higher
scale in the range of Rs.14480-33800, Rs.20380-48020, Rs.13100-30500,
Rs.15290-53300, Rs.10845-25470, Rs.17010-42860, Rs.16250-37650,
School Assistant : Rs.7200-16925

No anomaly has been pointed out. It is represented that School
Assistants have longer working hours than other categories of teachers in the same pay scales. A comparison is also drawn with Teachers of Central
Government Schools. The pay scales suggested for the post are Rs.14480-
33800, Rs.20380-48020, Rs.13100-30500, Rs.15290-53300, Rs.10845-
25470,Rs.17010-42860, Rs.16250-37650 and Rs.15860-42440.
Gazetted Head Master/
Headmistress Grade-II : Rs.9285-21550
(In Government and Z.P. High
Schools (Formerly Head Masters
of Secondary Schools)

No anomaly has been pointed out. The request is for the pay scales of
Rs.18810-43925, Rs.25070-59050, Rs.17150-40500, Rs.20000-67670,
Rs.10825-25470, Rs.22880-53190, Rs.18150-42000, Rs.20090-50730.
This category forms the feeder category for the posts of Deputy
Educational Officer/ Gazetted Head Master Grade-I / Head Mistress Grade-I /Parishad Educational Officer/ Assistant Director (non formal Education) /
Special Officer (Oriental Studies). For all these, the scale is Rs.10285-24200.At present there are two types of Head Masters i.e., Gazatted Head Master /Gazetted Head Mistress Gr-I (Rs.10285-24200) and Gazatted Head Master /Gazetted Head Mistress Gr-II (Rs.9285-21550). It may perhaps be desirable to have only one category of Gazatted Head Master / Gazetted Head Mistress.The Commission, therefore, assigns a pay scale of Rs.18030-43630(Rs.10285-24200) for the category of Gazatted Head Master / Gazetted Head Mistress Grade-I along with Gazatted Head Master / Gazetted Head Mistress Grade-II. The Education Department has to amend the rules accordingly to have only one category of Gazatted Head Master / Gazetted Head Mistress.

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